The CTA ELECTRICAL TRANSFORMERS srl since 1940 has been producing and marketing of processors BT and MT dry, oil and resin.
All processors are built in different executions of series or special request, and meet the essential requirements of European Directives and responsiveness to current regulations IEC, EN, . Over the years our company in order to give the best possible service has tried to solve the biggest problem the current relief.
Establishment of Moscazzano (CR) products are all standard single-phase transformers, three phase,
single phase autotransformers, three-phase, toroidal transformers, power transformers and oil resin and
special transformers to sample and design of any voltage and power delivery with the next 24 by the hour. A close and constant attention to market demand has enabled the CTA ELECTRICAL TRANSFORMERS to deepen their knowledge in different fields covered by optimizing its products
in quality and reliability. A separate Office Technician is available to collaborate, advise and resolve problems of particular technical requested by the customer. This catalog from the perspective of continuous improvement and constant updating of you and is only a quick exposure of our products,
being unable to document the constant updating of our production, provided prostheses to new projects and changes.

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